Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Alex around the house

Alex catching a ride with Daddy!

Alex spending time with Uncle Georgie, Uncle Bricky and Uncle Robert (and Alex the dog too!)

Uncle Bricky, Papa, Alex, BooBoo (the dog) and Bailey (also the dog) enjoying a long snowy weekend in Idyllwild, CA

Alex with his loving Godparents, Auntie Peggy and Uncle Robert.

Alex with his counsins the Medina family

Alex with Papa and Uncle Chris

Alex with Auntie Lucinda and Auntie Kathleen at the Rose Parade Floats, New Years, 2008, Pasadena, California

Oklahoma City Trip

Alex with PaPa and the Huffmans

Alex enjoying a bath at Aunt Linda's house.

Holidays 2007

Alex, Bailey, Daddy and Papa on Christmas eve, 2007.

Alex with Daddy on Thanskgiving 2007

Alex with Uncle Pester and Auntie Lisa at Castle Scara!

Alex with Papa and Daddy at the Pumpkin Patch 2007